Combined BOSIET (with CA-EBS) & BOSIET with rebreather & TSbB
CourseCombined BOSIET (with CA-EBS) & BOSIET (with Rebreather) & TSbB CODE: 5750 & 5707 or 5700 (No TSbB)
  • Safety Induction Helicopter Safety & Escape (HUET with Rebreather/CA- EBS/Aviation Transit Suit)

  • Sea Survival & First Aid

  • Fire Fighting/Self Rescue

Duration3 day
Qualifications / Requirements
  • Personnel who work offshore in a cold environment including United Kingdom (UK) sector.

  • Personnel who are new to the offshore oil and gas industry and who have not done any BOSIET training

  • Personnel who require transfer by boat to & fro the offshore platform (except Code: 5700)

  • A valid or current offshore medical, or possess an operator approved medical, or, undergo OPITO medical screening form in SEQU.

Validity4 years
  • BOSIET with CA-EBS is effective from 15th February, 2016 for the UK and other North Sea countries.

NOTE for those who are attending the Combined BOSIET with CA-EBS and BOSIET with rebreather on the same 3 days duration, on completion of the training module. Two Certificates will be issued that is:
1) 5707 BOSIET and Travel Safely By Boat or 5700 BOSIET
2) 5750 BOSIET with Compressed Air Emergency Breathing System (CA-EBS)

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